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  • carpaint aura valeting products


    Carpaint | Aura | Valeting Products –
    A special wax rinse formulated to work well through most equipment.
    It is safe on paintwork and was specially formulated for use in the final stages of vehicle washing machines. It contains a wax dispersion which coats the treated surface, making it water repellent and leaving a protective waxy layer.
    This product is normally used at a concentration in the order of 0.05 to 5 %at the final point of application.

  • carpaint atlas valeting products


    Carpaint | Atlas | Valeting Products –
    An all-season screenwash made from a blend of solvents and surfactants. A versatile product that will clean a wide range of dirt and detritus including atmospheric grime, nicotine, dead insects. oil and greasy marks.

    Fill windscreen washer bottle at recommended dilutions:
    Summer: 1 part screenwash to 20 parts water
    Winter: 1 part screenwash to 4 parts water
    Severe Winter: 1 part screenwash to 2 parts water.

  • carpaint Thor valeting products


    Carpaint | Thor | Valeting Products –
    Spray onto a clean soft cloth glass wipes or polishing paper and wipe onto the surface to be cleaned. Do not apply to hot surfaces. Also suitable for chrome, stainless steel and laminates where a streak-free finish is required.

  • carpaint Rota valeting products


    Carpaint | Rota | Valeting Products –
    Acid-free wheel cleaner.
    Non-acidic wheel cleaner, for best results, use through a handheld trigger spray, spray onto wheels taking care not to spray on paintwork. Leave for 1 or 2 minutes and pressure wash off.

  • carpaint apollo valeting products


    Carpaint | Apollo | Valeting Products –
    This product is a neutral pre-rinse formulated for use ideally with a snow foam gun but equally well applied by a trigger spray.
    It will leave a blanket of foam over the vehicle before removing the dirt of the vehicle. After rinsing it leaves a treated surface ready for a final wax if desired. Depending on the equipment used set at 2% or until the level of foam is achieved.