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Car Spray Paints

Aerosol Spray Paint in any Colour 400ml


Professional quality application, these aerosol are made to a very high standard, including an adjustable spray nozzle giving a superb finish that is perfect for use at home or workshop.

The colour is individually mixed for each aerosol and it is available in almost every colour produced including :- solid colours (direct gloss) metallics and pearlescent colours, also available for commercial vehicles, motorbikes, scooters, caravans and any colour from the RAL, Pantone and British Standard colour ranges. Please remember that all metallic and pearlescent colours require a clear lacquer (clear over base).

The three main types of car paint are Cellulose, Two-pack acrylic and water-based paint. 

The first reason for painting cars is to protect the substrate, usually sheet metal and secondly for appearance.

Nitro-Cellulose Paint

Cellulose or more correctly, Nitro-cellulose was used on older classic vehicles, is very easy to use and has relatively hard-wearing characteristics. It dries by solvent evaporation, the colour is mixed with cellulose thinner prior to spraying and once sprayed the solvent evaporates leaving the colour on the metal surface. It can be sprayed using basic breathing equipment (filter mask) and is fast drying having less dust ingress because the paint stays wet for a short time. It can also be applied by brush if a retarder is added.
Nitro-Cellulose is an ideal DIY material.

Blue car

Two Pack or 2K

Two pack acrylic enamel is strictly a professional only product, like the name suggests it has 2 components, colour and an activator/hardener, it will not dry without this chemical reaction between the 2 products. It provides a far superior coating for the substrate because the molecules cross link when dry. The activator/hardener contains hazardous chemicals which are extremely toxic, these hazardous chemicals are a respiratory sensitiser so inhalation can effect breathing, with potentially serious health issues. Using this product safely requires special breathing equipment and is usually only sold to the trade.

Water Based Paint

This system is the most common, used by both repairers and car manufacturers alike. The colour coat is water-based but still needs to be protected by a 2 pack clear lacquer, being water-based it is far more environmentally friendly. It needs specialised equipment to encourage the paint to dry and because it still needs a 2 pack lacquer containing hazardous chemicals (see description of 2 pack) it is recommended for use by professionals only.

Pink car end

Please Note

When ordering please state the following: 
Car make year of first registration. 
Colour (black/white/green etc)
Size (aerosol/1 litre tin etc) 
Quantity wanted
Car manufacturers colour code (refer to colour matching tab)